“Do You Want Fries With That?”

Offer Cross-sells and Up-sells Like How McDonald’s Does!


Encourage your customers to spend just a little bit more.

True Upsells

Encourage customers to spend a little bit more by offering them an upgrade to the item they’ve selected, replacing the original product in the cart.


Offer customers a complementary product to the item they’ve already selected, adding it to the cart alongside the original item.

Any Location

Offer your upsells and cross-sells at any point in the sales funnel: on the product page, the cart page, or after the transaction is complete.

What’s the secret that makes McDonald’s a billion-dollar business?


By constantly offering upsell / cross-sell items, McDonald’s was able to increase AOV. This in turn converts break-even purchases into profitable ones.

With SmartOffer nopCommerce Plugin, you can now create powerful upsell / cross-sell offers, and start seeing increased sales in no time!

Increase Sales by Up to 50%!

What’s the easiest way to increase sales without increasing traffic?

(Yes, traffic is expensive!)

Answer: run cross-sell and up-sell offers.

The same trick used by McDonald’s, with their phrase “Do you want a fries with that?”

“Copy” the same tactic, and you’ll see increased sales!

Higher Average Order Value

The success of any store relies a lot on the Average Order Value (AOV).

By automatically showing cross-sells and up-sells, SmartOffer helps increase AOV in autopilot manner.

Needless to say, higher AOV = better profit.

Better Conversions with Timed Offers

Customers tend to procrastinate, in fact everyone does!

To help increase conversions, SmartOffer allows you to set expiry for the offers.

By creating urgency with timed offers, it forces customers to act fast before offer expires.

In other words, it triggers “impulse buy” mode – a good thing for your store!

Full Analytics to Keep You in the Know

Not all offers are created equal.

SmartOffer helps you make informed decisions with its full analytics.

With the data, you can find out the most successful offers & products.

Keep track of the effectiveness of your offers, and stop displaying non-converting ones!

Simple 3-Step Process to Run Cross-sell & Up-sell Offers

If you are NOT running up-sell / cross-sell campaigns on your store, you are literally leaving money on the table!

Luckily with SmartOffer, it only takes 3 easy steps to setup the campaigns on your nopCommerce store(s), and you can start enjoying increase in sales!

1. Setup Your Offer

Select the products that you want to offer, and the discount amount (if any).

2. Select Offer Location(s)

Choose the place you want to show your offer, multiple locations supported.


3. Decide Display Time

Decide if your offer is evergreen or timed. Create urgency with offer expiry.

Tap into hidden revenue with powerful up-selling and cross-selling campaigns!

  • Create unlimited number of upsell / cross-sell offers
  • Full HTML editor available for offer description
  • Offer expiry type: No Expiry, Show one time only (one-time offer), Expired by hour, Expired by datetime
  • Show countdown timer
  • Display on multiple locations: Shopping Cart (Widget), Shopping Cart (IndividualPage), Shopping Cart (Popup), Checkout Complete (Widget), Checkout Complete (Popup), Order E-mails
  • Limited to store(s)
  • Track offer effectiveness with full analytics
  • Export analytics to Excel

Download Free Trial

Guaranteed Result or Your Money Back!

We are so confident with SmartOffer, that we know it’ll drive results!

If, within 30 days of using the plugins, you are not seeing any positive results we’ll do a full refund for you.

Simple as that – you got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Even at a mere 10% increase in sales,
you’ll earn back the money in no time!

The math is simple.

Say you are making $1000 a month, a mere 10% increase in sales means that you’ll earn back the price for this plugin (single license) in just 3 months.

Single License

For use on a single domain.
  • Original Price: USD299
  • Savings: USD90
  • Supported nopCommerce versions: 3.90, 3.80, 3.70, 3.60
  • Free upgrade for 1 year
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Documentation & Video Tutorial
  • Free technical support

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you explain more on the renewal (free upgrade) terms?

With single-domain license, you are entitled to 1 year of free upgrade. This include upgrade to the plugin for current version, or for future version. Example: if you purchase plugin version 3.90 now, and 6 months later version 4.00 is released, you’ll get the latest version for free. When license expires, you can continue to use the plugin without limitation. You will not receive latest updates though, unless you renew your license or upgrade to multi-domain license.
With multi-domain license, you are entitled to life-time free upgrade.

Is SmartOffer suitable for all kinds of websites?

Yes, SmartOffer is (almost) suitable for all kind of websites.

However, the plugin really shines if you have large enough sales to offer upsell / cross-sell items.

It’s all math – say you make 5 sales a month, and assuming a conversion rate of 10%, you need 2 months (10 sales) to generate 1 upsell / cross-sell (10 x 0.1 = 1). However, if you have 500 sales a month, a conversion rate of 10% means you’ll get 50 upsells / cross-sell.

And of course, with the analytics that comes with the plugin, you can constantly adjust the offers to increase the conversion rate.

Is it guaranteed that I'll see increase in sales?

Well, we are indeed very confident with this plugin. Countless successful stores have used upsell and cross-sell offers to improve their sales and profits. That said, we cannot guarantee that you’ll see an increase in sales, as the success of your upsell / cross-sell campaigns also depend on the offers that you put forward.

If you do not see positive results within 30 days of using the plugin, we’ll issue a full refund for your purchase.

When and how can I request for a refund?

If after 30 days of using SmartOffer, you are still not seeing any positive result, please contact us at https://www.pronopcommerce.com/contactus to ask for a full refund.

What’s the difference between an Upsell and a Cross-sell?

Upsells encourage customers to spend a little more by offering a better version or upgrade, which will replace the original product selected in the cart. Cross-sells offer customers a complementary product to the item they’ve already selected, adding it to the cart alongside the original item.

Where will the offers be displayed?

You can display your upsell and cross-sell offers on the product page, on the cart page, or after the transaction is complete (using Cashier).

Can I limit the number of offers customers can add to their cart?

Yes. You can limit the number of upsell and cross-sell products that can be added to a customer’s cart and/or add a limit disclaimer to each item.

What if the customer’s basket triggers more than one offer?

If the customer’s cart triggers multiple offers, they will be combined into one pop-up. You can read more about it in our help center.

If an offer has two products displayed, can a customer choose both of them?

Yes, customers can add more than one product to their cart from an offer.

How many products can I include in an offer?

You can include up to four products in an offer using the product selector, or up to 50 if choosing from a collection. It is best to keep the number of products upsold to a minimum to avoid confusing customers. We recommend a 1-2 product maximum for most offers.

What are some examples of upsells and cross-sells i can offer?

Upsells: Upgrade a customer from a one pound bag of coffee to the two pound bag. Or, offer to replace the laptop in their cart with one that includes a faster processor.

Cross-sells: Offer a bottle of shoe polish to go with the pair of loafers a customer has just purchased, or suggest adding on a pair of socks. Offer a case for the glasses that were just added to your customer’s cart, or a laptop bag for the laptop they’re checking out with.

When offering a free gift with purchase: What’s the difference between upsell and bold motivator?

Bold Motivator can offer free products when customers spend a certain dollar amount, just like Upsell. The difference is, with Upsell, customers can choose their reward from a selection of products, while Motivator presents a pre-selected product for them to receive.

Motivator does not support variants on the promotional product, while Upsell & Discounts allows customers to select variants, such as color and size.

Is there a limit to the number of upsells I can offer?

No, there is no limit to the number of offers that you can create. In fact, creating several highly-targeted offers is a great way to drive conversions.

What 3rd party integrations are available?

Upsell currently integrates with Bold Cashier, Bold Brain, Bold Subscriptions, Bold Options, and Yotpo.

Can I try it before I buy?

Yes. We offer a 14-day free trial for Upsell, and you can uninstall anytime during the trial at no charge.

Does it work with my platform?

Bold Upsell currently works out-of-the-box on Shopify, and can be integrated with any platform through our API. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

What are the setup fees?

Our Merchant Success team is available to answer any questions you might have, or to walk you through the steps needed to get the app up and running on your store.

Do 3rd party integrations incur additional costs?

There may be additional fees associated with additional apps or individual integrations; view the individual app pages to find out if any other individual rates apply.

How do I install bold upsell?

Simply click here to start the installation process, and follow the install instructions provided. Contact our Merchant Success team for more information, or if you need help throughout the process.

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